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Water and waste water infrastructure | EnVisioneering Exchange podcast ep. 16

John Masters, Industry Affairs Advisor for Danfoss Drives and the former Vice President of Sales, Water Division at Danfoss, joins host John Sheff for episode 16 of the EnVisioneering Exchange podcast. The two Industry Affairs experts have a comprehensive conversation about water infrastructure and the outsized role you may not realize it plays in maintaining our daily lives―what it is, what challenges current infrastructures face, how it can be improved, and what the future of water infrastructure may look like.

How to define a high-performance building

high-performance buildings

As countries develop, their buildings improve in life quality performance and decline in carbon performance. Even if we ignore life quality issues that emerge in developed countries as buildings age but remain operational, the dominant conception of “high performance” is at best ambiguous. The defining trajectory of the past century or more is toward a

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