The Impact of ESG Reporting on Efficient Industrial Operations | EnVisioneering Exchange podcast ep. 27

Host John Sheff is joined by guests Ted Wilke and Andrew Williams, of SPOC Automation and SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies, respectively, to discuss the impact of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting on efficient industrial operations. The conversation covers the push toward energy efficiency in the oil and gas industry and the technologies that can help companies achieve their ESG objectives.

Exploring how the push for decarbonization and electrification can create opportunities for building design transformation

The recently released report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) made it clear that unless we achieve net-zero carbon emissions and reduce additional greenhouse gases over the next decade, we may be facing pronounced environmental changes, including weather extremes and severe weather events. Conversations at both the state and federal level are

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Energy as a service | EnVisioneering Exchange podcast ep. 22

Guest bio(s) Sasha Wedekind is a senior research analyst leading Guidehouse Insights’ Building Efficiency and Decarbonization solution. Wedekind specializes in global market analysis and market forecasts for energy efficient building technologies and energy services. Her areas of focus are building decarbonization, energy efficiency, electrification, financed energy services, including EaaS and ESPC, as well as go-to-market

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Energy storage landscape in North America| EnVisioneering Exchange podcast ep. 21

Guest Bio Marc Chupka, Vice President of Research and Programs at US Energy Storage Association (ESA), has over 30 years of experience analyzing and advising on the market impacts of both domestic and international energy and environmental policy, including serving as the acting Assistant Secretary of Energy for Policy and International Affairs for the US

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