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Energy as a service | EnVisioneering Exchange podcast ep. 22

Guest bio(s) Sasha Wedekind is a senior research analyst leading Guidehouse Insights’ Building Efficiency and Decarbonization solution. Wedekind specializes in global market analysis and market forecasts for energy efficient building technologies and energy services. Her areas of focus are building decarbonization, energy efficiency, electrification, financed energy services, including EaaS and ESPC, as well as go-to-market

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Hydrogen energy in Europe | EnVisioneering Exchange podcast ep. 19

Host John Sheff is joined by Markus Lempp, Danfoss Director of Public and Industry Affairs of Central Europe, for a conversation on hydrogen power. Since hydrogen is much more established in Europe than it is in the US, Lempp is able to provide real-world examples of how hydrogen is already being used. Lempp also describes hydrogen fuel cells and what some of the different hydrogen colors mean.

Sustainability goals: commitment vs. action | EnVisioneering Exchange podcast ep. 18

Jake Elder and John Sheff discuss sustainability, the kinds of goals cities should make, the challenges in implementing those changes, and provides real-world examples of cities that have had success. Jake also makes suggestions on easy and cost-effective ways cities can improve sustainability. The COVID-19 pandemic has added the motivation to make changes to improve health safety, many of which will also improve sustainability.

Game changers: Accelerating the climate response through electrification technologies (Part 1)

Electrification is a trend transforming every significant corner of the industrial economy in the U.S. From power generation and transport to infrastructure and buildings, industry and businesses are seeking to become more efficient and resilient while producing fewer emissions. Policies and regulations driving this transformation are emerging at the state, local, and utility levels as

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